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Sleepless Digital is a Web Design Company

We are frequently asked for examples of our work. Below you can see some of the websites we have designed and built for our clients.
Sleepless Digital designs each website with a focus on Brand Infusion and Target Market connection. Many of our clients work with us to continually update their content and refine their target market through their website design.

Unfortunately, due to the recent Covid related challenges, some of the websites below have had to shutter their business. However, the design remains as an example of how the client presented themselves through the online marketing platform that is The Website.

Below you can see an example of “Before/After” results from one of our website rebuilds:

Website design before rebuildWebsite design after rebuild
The SLG Group Staffing Agency

The SLG Group

A specialized staffing agency that needed to present a professional, yet personal brand that both clients and candidates for work will have access to.

Carrington Construction Inc

Carrington Construction, Inc.

If ever a testament was needed regarding the value of custom photography to make a site look beautiful, this is it. This really showcases the final product; namely, beautiful construction.

Pain & Performance Institute

Pain & Performance Solutions

We talk a lot about brand infusion here at Sleepless Digital. This site exemplifies how to incorporate it even into small details, like the featured photos.

Johann Hall Esq. | Personal Injury Attorney

The Law Office of Johann Hall

Another heavily branded site. In developing this site, we made sure to schedule the photoshoot concurrent with the video shoot to have both image forms showcasing the same material.

Cal Mart in Napa Valley

Cal Mart in Napa Valley

Warm, inviting and local were words the owner used to describe his store and his intention for the website. We again did a custom photo shoot to make sure the imagery matched the rest of the visual expression.

Fundemonium Toys, Games and Hobbies

Fundemonium Toys, Games and Hobbies

This rather large toy and hobby store truly lives up to its name. They are completely focused on their customers having fun within their environment. Creating a website to match that focus was a playful experience in itself.

Ian Munc, CPA

Ian Munc, CPA

A website has replaced the business brochure as the defacto verification of professional existence. Some clients are less focused on growth but still want to showcase their level of quality with excellent online branding.

Reverse Mortgage Planners | Rick May

Reverse Mortgage Planners | Rick May

This client recently joined with Mutual of Omaha. Because the initial site we created was designed with very similar guidelines as the large insurance company, adjusting it to the new style guide was fast and easy.

The Design and Building Works

The Design and Building Works

Designed to expand. Many of our clients are venturing into the online world for the first time, or at least as far as creating a website is concerned, but need to plan on that site making their business grow.


Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa County

Non Profit Organizations need to answer to a Board of Directors and their brand cohesiveness is especially important. Hiring a professional website design company is a must for these organizations, which often need extra care in development.


Mombo's Pizza

Before shifting to a Point Of Sale generated website, Mombo’s Pizza needed a new site to showcase their opening more franchises. They had a strong brand that needed to be transitioned into their new direction. This site bridged the gap.

Nor Cal Concrete Inc

Nor Cal Concrete Inc

This large concrete contractor had been in business since 1969, but never had a professional website developed. With competition getting stronger – even in name – it was time for a change!


JLM Painting

JLM Painting is another client we did a beautiful website rebuild for. Their previous site did not showcase their work and brand and now their clients can see just how excellent they are!

Daryl Reese law

Daryl Reese Law

Another wise client who utilized a complete brand style guide before developing their marketing material. At the time of launch, this site connected well to his other branding materials.

Nor Cal Concrete Inc

JC Lewis Insurance

With a focus on Local, this site showcases many images from Downtown Santa Rosa. As a health insurance broker, JC Lewis has been helping businesses and individuals for 3 generations.

Common Sense Business Solutions

Common Sense Business Solutions

Common Sense Business Solutions has a remarkable, cost saving model for clients that utilize a lot of in-house printing. They are very Local Focused, so we made sure to feature images showcasing that.

Spa Manzanita

Spa Manzanita

Spa Manzanita is a beautiful spa located in Manzanita Beach on the Oregon coast. They wanted a site that peacefully reflects their high quality and very local community.

North Bay Printing Solutions

North Bay Printing Solutions

Even a printer needs a website! NBPS has been helping local businesses with their printing needs for decades, but their previous website solution wasn’t helping them! Time for an upgrade!


Baseline Training

This client did the smart thing and had a complete Brand Style Guide developed before creating a website. This allowed their business to effectively communicate their brand to their target audience.


Northview Landscape

Another client that knows to utilize quality photography to show their service results. Great photos make great websites, and the minor cost for professional photography pays huge dividends in clientelle.


Cumulus Bookkeeping

This business is almost too busy to have a website, but the professional look still allows for a successful brand.


Kneisler & Schondel

One of the first clients to utilize an “explainer” video to help their clients understand how they can help them, this firm provides a much needed service to their clients in Sonoma County.

Valley Comfort Heating and Air

Valley Comfort Heating and Air

Another client that has a never ending amount of content added to their site. This site enjoys the benefit of inbound marketing and content creation enough to allow the business to grow substantially.

Web Design for Wooden Spoon IT Technologies by Sleepless Digital

Wooden Spoon Managed IT Services

Sometimes a client will completely change their brand style. That can work, but it must be done in a way that strengthens the brand. This client did just that and the results have been fantastic.


TnT Signs

This is a business that understands the value of being seen! With signage and vehicle wraps all over the city, they also knew they needed a great online presence to showcase their voluminous work.


JL Palo Urbano

With a unique business that provides an excellent alternative to wasted trees, this mobile wood milling services needed a professional website design company to tell their story. And what a story.


Ardaithe Consulting

An unusual name with a great meaning, this consulting firm wanted a very different aesthetic that is commonly found for business consulting. We were all to happy to oblige. 

Web Design for All Around Auto Repair by Sleepless Digital

All Around Auto Repair

Every business should have a clear, effective website that describes their industry and service. This site also has hundreds of pages on their blog thanks to an effective Inbound Marketing Strategy!


Mayclin CPA

Like most CPAs, this firm is about as busy as they would like to be, but they still need a professional presence done by a professional web design company.


Road Service Consulting Group

The more unique your business is, the more you need a website to accurately tell your potential clientele what you do and why they want you to do it.


Glass Architects

This architectural firm designed many of the public building in Sonoma County. They had a very distinctive style that they wanted conveyed, and one of the largest project galleries we have ever put together.


Deckmaster Fine Decks

Contractors who take the time to get quality photography done get to pick and choose their clients. This business is no different and has built awards winning decks throughout the county.


Calender Robinson Insurance

Yes, that’s accurate spelling. It’s the name of one of the longest existing insurance businesses in Northern California and and excellent independent insurance brokerage.